Understanding the Importance of a Crypto Exchange

Written by ALT 5 Sigma
on November 23, 2020

About 8% of adults in the US own cryptocurrencies, and it’s rising in popularity.

Crypto exchange is important due to its superior store of value from liquidity and secure blockchain technology.

If you’re interested in the world of buying and selling crypto, you should learn about the importance of the ALT 5 Pro exchange.

The Importance of Crypto Exchange

Crypto exchange has become a familiar concept in this day in age, with digital currencies like Bitcoin becoming more intriguing. On trading platforms, you’re able to trade cryptocurrency for other assets. Many traders are also interested in crypto’s most important feature — liquidity.

Liquidity involves the efficiency of buying and selling financial assets. You want your assets to easily be converted into available cash without affecting the market price. A cryptocurrency exchange is appealing because it’s liquidity is known to produce maximum returns.

With crypto exchange, liquidity is highlighted across three different levels:

  • Asset Liquidity – The activity between buyers and sellers for specific assets. This includes streamlined access on exchanges.
  • Exchange Liquidity – Function of the market maker (makes orders that others fill) and taker (immediate buyers and sellers).
  • Market Liquidity – Asset and exchange liquidity combined to establish the strength of the crypto market.

The relationship between companies and banks is highly focused on liquidity. When markets suffer, companies will typically seek safer assets, and banks will charge more for lending. With crypto, companies can find more of these important benefits:

  • Transparency
  • Better security
  • Lower transaction fees
  • A dependable store of values
  • More long-term appreciation potential

Corporations and traders are turning towards these benefits, especially in dwindling markets. With more companies and individuals adopting cryptocurrency, you can count on better liquidity. This is because higher trading volumes with crypto means more liquidity.

Trading crypto is projected to be easier to achieve compared to other forms of trading. This is partly due to the expansion into global markets. It’s actually much easier to exchange with crypto internationally.

Centralized & Decentralized

Cryptocurrency is based on blockchain technology —exchanges contain digital records of web transactions. This logs tamper-proof activity for more secure trading of assets. Blockchains store data that are unchanging and verified by buyers and sellers.

The blockchain allows for an open-source exchange, and all users share the power. This strives to create a decentralized platform, meaning there’s no central authority like a traditional bank. Crypto is appealing for those who prefer more transparency and permission that most banks don’t offer.

However, the increased popularity of crypto exchange has created some adverse centralized exchanges. This challenges the blockchain by allowing a single authority to control your assets. By allowing a cryptocurrency exchange platform to control your assets, you make them the central entity.

Centralized exchanges do contribute to the majority share of the crypto market. This offers more liquidity, with so many users flocking toward trading platforms. A centralized trading platform also makes crypto exchanging easier for the user.

Decentralized exchanges take full advantage of the blockchain technology for a peer-to-peer protocol. The allows for a system based on the number of users that help to ensure the functionality of the blockchain.

With a decentralized exchange, the major issue involves liquidity. There are currently not enough market makers on decentralized trading platforms to attract a significant amount of takers. So until more people buy and sell on decentralized platforms, there’s not enough liquidity compared to the centralized platforms.

Choosing a Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

Cryptocurrency is traded 24/7 throughout the entire world. This is unlike traditional trading and bank investments that are specific to certain time zones. This means that full-time security of your assets should be a priority when choosing a cryptocurrency platform.


Crypto exchange offers better security with blockchain technology. This means you shouldn’t have to worry about hackers causing a breach. However, there are no fail-safes in this virtual world, and a small mistake can cost you big.

You should ensure that a crypto exchange platform offers the following security features:

  • Strong password requirements
  • Captcha
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Anti-phishing codes

Unlike a bank, the crypto exchange doesn’t include a corporate or customer service hotline. You can’t ask for an investigation to be done when your funds are lost. There’s also no FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) backing.

This means that there will be some recourse from cyber attacks. Many cryptocurrency companies use KYC for credible verification. So make sure that you understand the credibility of an exchange.

Trading Fees

When finding the best crypto exchange trading platform for your needs, you should be familiar with the trading fees. You’ll usually notice the market maker and taker fees that come with crypto trading. Many crypto exchange trading platforms have 0% deposit fees, so trading is more favorable if you choose to exchange with these platforms.

You’ll typically have to pay a minimum required fee for each withdrawal you make and a flat fee for transaction costs. ALT 5 Pro offers minimal trading transaction fees of 0.50% for makers and takers and a 10% referral fee. The withdrawal fees include a 0.35% digital instruments fee and a $50 flat fee.

A fiat exchange will likely be required with most crypto exchanges. This allows traders and investors to transfer national currencies like USD into cryptocurrency and turn crypto into a cashout. Some exchanges may offer multiple fiat options compatible with specific banks, so checking which banks work with the trading platform may be important.

Enter the Crypto World

Cryptocurrency is an evolving and captivating asset exchange concept. It’s only becoming more critical for the virtual world we’ve grown accustomed to.

Crypto exchange platforms help you navigate the many benefits of cryptocurrency. You can quickly take advantage of secure and decentralized trading with their help. Understanding the importance of crypto exchanges and platforms is the first step into a lucrative financial endeavor.

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