Real-time Buy, Sell and Hold Physical Gold and Silver on Alt 5 Pro with BTC & USDT.

How it works

Through our Partnership with Octillion Group in Dubai, prop. traders on Alt 5 Pro can buy and hold physical gold and silver in a safe and secure environment without any storage fees. Alt 5 Pro users can also request physical gold and silver to be shipped anywhere in the world via a fully insured transport offered through Ferrari Group. GOLD and or SILVER purchases on Alt 5 Pro are certified to not originate
from conflict minerals as described by the United Nations.

Buying Gold

Alt 5 Pro traders can purchase gold and silver by the ounce with BTC or USDT tether. Alt 5 Pro spot gold pricing is quoted by the ounce and trading is available 3 hours a day from 6pm EST Sunday through 5pm EST Friday. Trading is closed from 5pm to 6pm EST daily.


Alt 5 Pro Precious metal purchases are backed by physical Gold and Silver. All gold and silver is insured, auditable and stored with our partner Octillions FZE refinery vault.

Physical Gold and Silver Delivery Request

Clients can request delivery of physical gold and or Silver anywhere in the world. Shipping is fully insured and handled through our partner Ferrari Group (
The delivery of the physical GOLD and or SILVER shall be made according to the products available and subject to fabrication, shipping, and insurance

fees. See Fees.

If you wish to request delivery of your physical gold or silver, please email us at [email protected]