Week in review: January 14, 2022 – ALT 5 to launch NFT marketplace!

In this week's newsletter: ALT 5 Sigma's plans to launch the NFT Marketplace is expected for the end of Q2, 2022. New ALT 5 website coming soon! Jack Dorsey's company Block, plans to move...

Week in review: January 7, 2022 – Bitcoin to take on gold?

In this week's newsletter: Goldman Sachs expects Bitcoin to take more market share from gold, as "store of value" market share is seen as being up for grabs. Mr. Wonderful, Kevin O'Leary reveals his...

Week in review: December 24, 2021 – Happy Holidays from the ALT 5 Team!

In this week's newsletter: ALT 5 Sigma wishes you and your family Happy Holidays and all the best for 2022 ALT 5 Sigma announced yesterday that it has formed an exclusive partnership with crypto-friendly...
ALT 5 CEO guest on podcast "Around The Coin"!

Week in review: December 17, 2021 – ALT 5 CEO guest on podcast “Around The Coin”!

In this week's newsletter: Listen to ALT 5 CEO, Richard Groome discuss crypto adoption, the impact of economy and the water crisis on Around The Coin Podcast. Elon Musk has announced that Tesla will...
Week in review: Millions spent lobbying the senate

Week in review: December 10, 2021 – Millions spent lobbying the Senate!

In this week's newsletter: The crypto industry is shelling millions of dollars to carve out a space in Washington, with the sector’s top firms spending the most. According to experts, BTC will hit $100k...
ALT5pro-week-in-review-microstratege buys another 7,002 btc

Week in review: December 3, 2021 – Microstrategy buys another 7,002 Bitcoins

In this week's newsletter: MicroStrategy bought 7,002 bitcoins worth $414.1 million in the past two months, bringing its total holdings to 121,044. Don’t miss ALT 5’s upcoming webcast - The BEST WAY to discover...
Canada's first Bitcoin custodian

Week in review: November 26, 2021 – Canada’s first Bitcoin Custodian

In this week's newsletter: Fidelity was approved by Canadian regulators to launch a Bitcoin custody and trading platform catered for institutional investors. El Salvador plans to create a 'Bitcoin City'. Morgan Stanley adds more...
Becoming Bitcoiners' Top Destination

Week in review: November 19, 2021 – Becoming Bitcoiners’ top destination

In this week's newsletter: Lightning is powering El Salvador’s move from little-known country to Bitcoiners’ top destination. The U.S. city of Williston in North Dakota is installing a cryptocurrency ATM at its international airport....

Week in review: November 12, 2021 – BTC and ETH reach record highs

In this week's newsletter: Crypto market cap tops $3 trillion as bitcoin and ether reach record highs. With 7 weeks still left in the year, 2021 inflows for digital assets have already topped 2020...

Week in review: November 5, 2021 – US Cities lead crypto hire

In this week's newsletter: US Cities lead crypto hires in 2021 according to LinkedIn data. El Salvador bought another 420 Bitcoins to take advantage of its recent price drop. The fast-growing decentralized finance industry...

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