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7 Day BTC, ETH, XRP – Price Trend Analysis for Eagle-eyed Investors

This week in review: full in-depth price analysis for eagle-eyed investors of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple for the last 7 days - November 28th to December 4th. Bitcoin: Bitcoin is the most prominent cryptocurrency...
ethereum 2.0

Ethereum 2 Genesis Block of Beacon Chain Live on December 1, 2020

The genesis block of the Ethereum 2.0’s Beacon chain has launched the long-planned upgrade to the Ethereum network to address the issue of network scalability and security. Beacon Chain is the backbone of Ethereum...
how bitcoin ethereum ripple made gains this week

The Week in Review: How Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple Faired in the Market

Despite uncertainties hovering in the crypto market, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple did provide relatively high returns. Bitcoin provided a weekly return of almost 6%. These cryptocurrencies enjoyed eventful price actions in the market and...
Bitcoin on Road to Hit 30k dollars by May 2022, Analyst Emphasizes

Bitcoin on Road to Hit 30k Dollars by May 2022, Analyst Emphasizes

The long term Bitcoin investors have a reason to smile based on positive speculation by an independent financial consultant Alan Masters, on benefits that will accrue only to individuals holding Bitcoin and not necessarily...

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